Questiones and answers about lessons for adults

Where is the meeting point for adults?

• In front of the ski school office, at the gondola exit in Schöneben.
• In front of the ski school Kindergarden, at the gondola exit at Haideralm

• How are the groups formed?

• At the time of registration in the ski school office, a general grouping of beginners (first time on skis) and advanced skiers (attended one or more ski courses) is done. As a general rule: those who have beginner skills (safe braking, swerving) can move to the slope, that is the practice slope, while all others stay in the beginners’ area.

• Where does the grouping take place for adults?

• At the end of the fourth conveyor in Schöni’s Kinderland.  
• At the end of the cabelcare  at Haideralm

• At what time does grouping take place?

• ½ hour before the start of the course (9:30 a.m.)

• How big are the adult groups?

• The adults are also divided into groups of beginners (first time on skis) and advanced (from snow plough skiers to skilled skiers), whereupon advanced skiers are divided into different skill levels depending on their abilities. Based on our experience, the groups are between 3 and 7 participants.

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